Our Demands

Our Demands

  • Create a pro-choice policy that forbids anti-choice organizing on the grounds of sexual harassment, and discrimination based on gender, sex and family status as highlighted in Ryerson Discrimination and Harassment Prevention Policy.  


  • Recognize anti-choice ideology as a form of gender-based and coercive violence.



  • Participate in the Town Hall, organized by the Ryerson Reproductive Justice Collective, in January 2017 as mentioned in the open letter published on November 18, 2016.


  • Mandatory supervised equity training for the Ryerson Campus Security by the centre for Women and Trans people*, and the Trans Collective.


  • Accept trauma caused by anti-choice organizing on campus as acceptable grounds for academic accommodations.


  • Provide anti-choice organizing trigger warnings through My Ryerson  “announcement” updates and other means of communication through social media accounts, newsletters, emails etc.


  • Create an equity statement condemning all forms of (trans)misogyny including but not limited to anti-choice organizing, hate speech, and re-emphasis Ryerson’s commitment to eradicating sexual and gender-based violence on campus.